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AngeionConsulting Services

Angeion Consulting provides an extensive selection of sessions, evaluations, programs, and services to many businesses, individuals, and industries. We can walk you through the exact areas you need with a quick meeting!


Manager Training is perfect for companies hiring internally and promoting employees into management positions.

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Certificate Programs are great for entry level managers needing help and understanding. Certificate Programs are designed for managers to understand their employees and lead them appropriately.

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KEY AREAevaluations

Key Area Evaluations are ideal for companies wanting to become more efficient and innovate quickly for growth!

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Facilitator Services are great for non-profits and companies creating a mission statement, brainstorming, or a large scale project.

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Communication coaching is PERFECT for Sales Teams. We teach you to speak confidently to clients and increase cold calling percentages by as much as 15%.

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Perfect for companies searching to expand their capacity, growth, and innovation without expending valuable time and resources.

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Marketing Services are cost effective and based around your budget and needs. Rival some of your top competitors by using the same free tools they do without a marketing budget!

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