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Offering the perfect intern for your company and department!

Share what you never learned in college with the next generation!!

Increase capacity and growth within your company with an intern!

Angeion Consulting has college students in a variety of majors looking for internships in various industries and departments. Angeion Consulting successfully matches an intern with your unique company.

If your company has never offered an internship, just the word alone can be daunting, since many companies do not have the resources to exert to find an appropriate intern. This is where Angeion Consulting can help and provide you with the perfect intern without you having to expend valuable time to try and find an intern yourself.

Three Easy Steps to Finding an Intern with Angeion Consulting:

  1. Discuss your internship needs with Angeion Consulting.

  1. Angeion Consulting interviews many students and identifies 3-4 qualified interns and sends you their:

  1. You choose what interns you would like to interview and Angeion Consulting sets up the interview for you.

Many of our interns are looking specifically for work experience only to enhance their resumes after graduation in a paid or non-paid internship. Students are also searching for “for credit” or “for experience” internships. Students seeking a “for credit” internship must have the internship approved through their college. “For experience” internships are conditional internships based upon the needs of the company and are not required to be approved by the college. Each internship type has different benefits and we help you choose one that is right for your company.

To discuss hiring an intern in your company, please e-mail Angie Brown at