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The Vessel for Your Success

About AngeionConsulting

Specializing in various communication techniques to advance all employees and give businesses the freedom to successfully reach beyond their full potential.

Angeion Consulting is an industry leader in specialized communication strategies and marketing techniques. All services are designed to advance even the most progressed employee into new areas of communication as well as take your marketing goals to the next level to generate the leads and revenue you desire.

The name Angeion is Greek for “vessel,” the means of carrying your information straight into the hearts and minds of your customers and employees.

After attending University of California, Davis and receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Communications, Brown focused on finding a way companies could benefit from her array of communications and managerial understanding in the variety of industries she had worked for over the years. She has worked for restaurants, non-profit organizations, construction companies, tutors, grant programs, large-scale solar installation companies, warehouse retail distributors, landscape maintenance, marketing and advertising companies, technology companies, real estate, mortgage companies, and in accounts payable/receivable departments within various companies as well. Some of the major companies she has marketed with include Time Warner Cable, McDonalds, Disney, Monday Night Football and NFL, Outback Steakhouse, TAG Games, Napa Auto Parts, Sephora, Century 21, and many more small businesses!!

Brown returned to school while continuing to work in the corporate world and received her Masters of Business Administration with a concentration in Global Management. In 2009, Brown created Angeion Consulting to share her knowledge of business management and marketing with companies before it started to affect their profitability. After noticing generational diversity within the workforce as a key area to innovative and cutting-edge success, she really began focusing on creating successful workforces and marketing for new-age thinking.

Angeion Consulting provides various managerial and communicative consulting services, marketing expertise and fulfillment, and internship placement services to businesses and individuals in and around the greater Sacramento area. Specializing in organizational and global management, Angeion Consulting observes your goals and develops a custom plan of action to ensure long term success. With internal communication training, Angeion Consulting delves into unique and personalized training for your employees. Angeion Consulting also provides various short term success through team building and facilitating services. With external communication marketing, Angeion Consulting reviews your profit goals and creates a strategic marketing plan to rival your top competitors.

Internship placement services include placement for both paid and non-paid interns and include finding, interviewing, and assessing all aspects of the internship process. We even work directly with you to develop a curriculum for the continued success of your internship.

Marketing services can include anything from developing an entire marketing campaign to overseeing your marketing plans and giving suggestions for your continued success. We even offer the ability to hire your own marketing team of interns and send a private marketing consultant to your location each week to develop and fulfill an entire marketing campaign. Many companies have commented about how awesome it is to have an entire marketing staff on hand with less cost than hiring an entire department! This is a very innovative and enriching tool for many small businesses! Consider giving us a call to discuss this opportunity!

“Angeion Consulting helped me start my new business by developing a CEO mentality within me to ‘take action’ beyond my normal employee mindset.”


Norma’s Helping Hands

“My competition is fierce and Angeion Consulting taught me that success is eminent when your communication becomes a part of your business.”



B2G Yard Care

“Thinking creatively is easier when you have less to worry about within your company!”


Massage by Tracy, CMT

“Clarity in corporate communications today is complicated by speed and the diversity of those communicating whether internal or external to my business.  Angeion helps me deliver the message to employees, managers, and clients, especially across generations!”

Mark J. Denning, CPA

Real-time CFOs