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Key Area Evaluations

Key Area Evaluations are ideal for companies wanting to become

more efficient and innovate quickly for growth!

After discussing key target areas with you, a thorough, defined strategy is created, implemented, and followed-up after a given amount of time to ensure short-term and long-term success.

Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessments delve deeper into a company to discover the heart of a potential threat to the continued success of a company. Angeion Consulting will observe normal activities within the company and ask important questions to find the critical areas that need attention. A few key areas that are reviewed include the following:    

Communication Structure Evaluation and Implementation    

Information Dissemination     

Reducing Employee Turnover    

Increasing Teamwork and Collaboration    

Employee Morale

After identifying the problem and becoming familiar with your company, Angeion Consulting develops a strategy to provide valuable solutions. Solutions can include various training courses for employees and/or managers as well as specialized training and courses specific to your company. After strategies are implemented, Angeion Consulting continues to provide support and will return six monthsto provide a follow up assessment to ensure prolonged operational success.

Key Area Evaluations

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Specialized Manager Training

Effective managers engage motivated employees to fulfill 100% of their potential while continuing to increase their maximum output. Many managers simply do not arrive at this talent naturally and are continually finding different means to improve their leadership skills. Unfortunately, many managers find themselves using a “trial and error” system which can be detrimental to the company resulting in decreased employee morale, work satisfaction, and motivation and, over a period of time, leads to increased turnover. However, attending classes after work and learning standardized information can also be damaging to a manager’s morale and increase their stress.

Angeion Consulting unobtrusively observes a manager’s daily routine over a period of time and learns how your manager operates and what areas he or she would like to become further educated. After observing your managers, a complete and unique course is developed specifically for your manager. He or she is walked through each focus and after a thorough understanding, applies their new knowledge directly in the workforce. After a period of time, Angeion Consulting returns to observe and provide assistance where needed in order to maintain a powerful success in your work environment. Unique courses can focus on any number of the following areas:    

Employee motivation    

Understanding a working/work relationship    

Communicating effectively    

Learning when to build rapport and when to report    

Increasing productivity     

Effective hiring processes    

Organization techniques    

Creating organizational cultures

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