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Learn Awesome Improv Tactics!

Participate in Improv Classes and Exciting Live Performances!

Work in a FUN and Out-of-the-Box Environment!

Learn Valuable On-Stage Presence!

Company: BlackTop Comedy

Unpaid Internship: 8-16 weeks (based on your needs)

Minimum Time: 10-15 hours per week (flexible)

Location: Roseville, CA


Deadline to Apply: October 15th  

Start Date: ASAP (can be before October 15th)

Open to all students, alumni, and anyone else that might be interested in learning more about theater and improv.

Company Description: Blacktop Comedy began in 2010 when local improvisers asked, “what can improv be?” Well, it can be fun, intelligent, creative, educational and memorable. It can be a lot of things, and we work to bring improv and comedy in all its forms to the stage. A variety of shows for a variety of audiences!

Blacktop Comedy is an amazing company that not only teaches improv classes to the public and puts on live improv performances, but they also take normal company interactions and team building to a new level.

Learn about the entire improv theater as well as valuable stage hand and behind the scenes components that make a successful company.

You will be trained in stage presence and how to make an audience engage with your acting capabilities. Take your acting to the next level with the Blacktop Comedy internship.

To apply to this internship or for more information, please send your resume to along with a quick cover letter telling which internship you are applying for and why you are interested in the internship along with your contact information.

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