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Learn Quality Online Marketing while Sharing Innovative Ideas!

Create Online SEO, Social Media, and Website Marketing Campaigns!

Work with a Marketing Consultant to Develop Out-of-the-Box Marketing!

Work with Professionals to Develop and Execute an Entire Marketing Campaign!

Company: CPA Corporation

Unpaid Internship: 8-16 week internship (based on your needs)

Minimum Time: 10-15 hours per week (flexible)

Location: Roseville, CA

Deadline to Apply: October 15th   

Start Date: ASAP (can be before October 15th)

Offer ability to work remotely throughout the week!

Open to all students and alumni that have an interest in marketing, online SEO development, beginning website design (using online tools), marketing consulting, and social media for businesses.

Are you interested in developing marketing strategies and branding with real hands on experience directly with professional consultants? Then this is the internship opportunity for you. Work directly with a marketing consultant to develop and implement an entire marketing plan with the president and key employees using social media tools, search engine optimization (SEO), website design, marketing plan development, written communication, presentations and more. Learn how to link back to the website to create interest and how Facebook groups will help create and develop leads. Also, share your knowledge of social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and more to develop and learn new online approaches. Learn from a marketing expert consultant working within the company!!

If you have the desire to be a marketing or communication consultant, now is your chance to work side-by-side with one to meet weekly goals and outlines as determined by the company. Learn how to discuss and manage projects with professionals while maintaining your own schedule to ensure each plan is accomplished and marketing metrics are achieved.

To apply to this internship or for more information, please send your resume to along with a quick cover letter telling which internship you are applying for and why you are interested in the internship along with your contact information.

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