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6 Ways Interns Can Grow Your Company!

Interns can add a greater capacity to your company by learning to do tasks that free up your time to achieve greater success within your company. With a creative mentality and desire to succeed, interns can increase morale and innovation within your company!

An employee walks out of your office after giving you one of the best ideas of the year. At close to full capacity, you shake your head in disbelief; the idea will easily launch you into the next level of sales.

The question looms:

How in the world will I ever get this idea off the ground without adding more employees?

That is where INTERNS can really help move a company to that next level. There are many reasons why companies should consider hiring an intern and the above illustration is a good viewpoint into the lives of many fast-paced and forward-thinking companies.

The following are a few reasons why hiring on a paid or non-paid intern will help you:

  1. Solving a Problem: Interns look at problems a bit differently because they do not have the “this-is-the-way-we-have-always-done-it” mentality. They look outside the box and know that there is a solution to make your company or project run more efficiently.

  1. Discovering a Solution: Solutions don’t always come about because there is a problem. Interns look at things differently and can discover solutions to processes that you did not even know were a problem!

  1. Technologically Advanced: This is usually a given for interns since they were brought up with computers in their household. Understanding a new wave of technology can give you the upper hand when dealing with competitors or “WOWING” your clients!

  1. Hiring New Employees: Hiring a new employee is time-consuming and sometimes risky. You only have subjective information to make a decision based on their interview, references, and application; you do not know how they will perform. Interns give you a glimpse into performance and making hiring easy by simply hiring the interns that do the best job.

  1. Increase Capacity: By having an intern, you can now focus on projects that were before impossible without hiring additional employees. Paid or non-paid interns can focus on these projects or small projects to give you the time to focus on growing your company.

  1. Decrease Turnover: Because an intern is familiar with your company and knows what is expected, the paid time spent acclimating a new employee is now gone. Interns stay longer with companies and are more satisfied than other employees, which decreases longterm turnover and results in higher morale.

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